Visual Language as a Source of Creative Cognition

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Rana Hameed Al-Bahrani, Ph.D Shifaa Mohammed Abdullah Al-Azzawi, Ph.D


Creative cognitive is a new research field that examines the cognitive process involved in constructing novel representations. It is further concerned with studying the role of such process in generating new ideas, concepts and representations (Finke et al., 1992; Smith et al., 1995; Ward et al., 1997; cited in Vega-Moreno, Rosa E., 2007, 6).  Hilligoss and Howard (2002, 3-5) state that one involves knowing how to read and what to read as readers as usually selective. On the other hand, Cohn et. al (2012) maintain that visual images represent a universal means of communication, reflecting as a result the cultural symbolisms that might be interpreted. They further state that visual language is the quickest and succinct means of communication. Accordingly, in this paper, the researchers intend to conduct the research from the qualitative and quantitative points of view using a conceptual framework to examine the role a visual caricature image plays in highlighting creative cognition. To achieve the present objective, the researchers selected an image and copied it to fit the number of the respondents selected to do the test. The respondents were asked to give their descriptions and expressive understandings to it. A specific rubric has been constructed by the researchers to be used in the data analysis. The paper ends with a number of concluding remarks, such as: generally, the respondents managed to access DM; though they failed to give the intended meaning; however, they managed to provide creative expressive meanings that are subjective by nature; and the level of visual literacy of the respondents is acceptable; yet it needs to be enhanced.
Keywords: Creativity, Visual Language, Descriptive Meaning, and Expressive Meaning

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AL-BAHRANI, Rana Hameed; AL-AZZAWI, Shifaa Mohammed Abdullah. Visual Language as a Source of Creative Cognition. AL-Lisan International Journal for Linguistic & Literary Studies, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 3, sep. 2017. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 17 jan. 2018.
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