The objectives of the journal:

1. publish authentic scientific research in linguistic and literary studies

2. Contribute to the development of scientific research in the field of linguistic and literary studies in line with contemporary development.

3. Highlight the efforts of researchers through the publication of linguistic studies from within and outside the university.

4. Disseminate useful sciences, and enrich the Islamic and the Arab with specialized research.

5. Raise the level of scientific research and various educational institutions through upgrading the methods and means used.


The journal content:

1. Innovative linguistic and literary studies.

2. Scientific articles concerned with issues of language and employment in serving community.

3. Review of heritage and contemporary books.

4. Review of scientific heritage and contemporary productions.


Areas of Research accepted for publication in the journal:

Journal accepts Studies and Researches according to the following areas:

1. Language Studies

2. Literary Studies

3. Language teaching/learning

4. translation


Periodic publication: Quarterly.


Language: Arabic, English and Malay.


Publisher: Faculty of Languages at Al-Madinah International University The Journal headquarters: Malaysia.

Publication conditions: