The term of poetic necessity between the grammatical lesson and the critical lesson (A stylistic study)

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Ridwan Jenidi Jenidi, Dr


The study deals with the necessity of poetry between the grammar lesson and its standard progressive judgments, and the critical lesson is limited to the stylistic approach to the analysis by employing its motivational means to deepen the understanding of the meanings of the structure and to recognize the aspects of the same creator and the manner of his influence and influence through syntactic, grammatical, morphological and vocal structures organized by shifts In the language and behavior, it achieves the artistic beauty; it also ensures at the level of another mixture between the acoustic aspect and the composition is approved linking the understanding of the poetic house containing the poetic necessity in the whole sense of the text. The intervention of the poetic text of some of the Middle Eastern poets in the fifth and sixth centuries is a field of application, to ascertain the fact that the inner rhythm of the sounds is related to the internal psychological movement and to the feeling and its army. This makes it an advantage for the individuality and differentiation of the poet and motivates the recipient to sail in the poetic worlds The study tries to answer the following question: If the structure in the hair is subject to increase and decrease, is it only included under the name of poetic necessity or depends on the study of the specific rhythmic privacy characteristic of the poetic text, because it is important in raising the rules and anchoring Theories.
Keywords: poetic necessity - the stylistic approach - the displacement - the old Algerian poetry.

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