Conflict and linguistic coexistence in Nigeria

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Esaam Abdullah Ali, Dr


The research sets to study the language conflict and coexistence in Nigeria, which being chosen at a glance to combine the converse (conflict and coexistence). The topic of the research is new, in terms of putting forth (raising); the researcher adopted the historical and descriptive approach in three main parts of the research, where the researcher sets up the topic with an introduction, objectives and importance of the research; then, in the first part, which speaks on the language situation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria; while the second part talks on the concept of language conflict and language coexistence and their types, and explain their importance in Nigerian society, thus, the third part comes up some examples of language conflict and its coexistence in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, lastly, the researcher expects some positive results of building up a cohesive national society that would be far from language intolerance, and concludes the research with some propositions, recommendations and references.

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