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Ilyamine Tumi, Prof


Revival is a civilizational requirement in which the necessity and obligation back each other, as interests interrelates with intentions and universal views joint with the method. However, nowadays, revival at status quo conveys an inefficiency in what is proposed. In addition, the mechanism shows lack of means of making use of the situation as Ibn Khaldun put it in analogous to civilization and urbanization. Therefore, the revival undertaken by contemporary researchers is one these: Aiming to come up with unprecedented model, Endeavor to making the archaic look like the new, Attempt to read the old literature with a new methodology, and Replacing the old by the new. Therefore, the researcher feels the vulnerability of the case due to deep severance between it and the terms expressing it, as if the revival is nothing but a mold to be filled with forged terms and texts that appear in total new unintended case. Revival has become an escape for those who do not want to adhere to texts claiming that they opt to keep pace with modernization due to an aberration in understanding so that it becomes a spiritless modernization. 
Keywords: Rhetoric, construction,  
                    Integrative model

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TUMI, Ilyamine. RHETORIC AND URBANIZATION, TOWARDS AN INTEGRATIVE MODEL. AL-Lisan International Journal for Linguistic & Literary Studies, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 3, sep. 2017. Available at: <http://ojs.mediu.edu.my/index.php/AIJLLS/article/view/899>. Date accessed: 17 jan. 2018.
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