Teaching Arabic Language to Students in Quran Memorizing Institutions in Selangor - An analytical descriptive study

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Ali Kimako Swaleh
Elsayed Salem, Assoc. Prof. Dr
Abdulwasiu Isiaq Nasirudeen, Assoc. Prof. Dr



The researchers aim at finding out the issues surrounding the advancement of the students in the Centers of Memorizing Quran in (Selangor) in learning the Arabic language and the limitations behind these issues, and to be able to bring forth solutions. The researcher has set the following goals: Finding the reasons behind the issues in the progress of the student’s level, making clear the issues and set objectives to rid them out, specify solutions to these issues and provide ways of sorting out these issues forever. The main motive in this research is sorting out these issues that hinder the learners in understanding, speaking, writing, reading and finding the solution completely. In order to obtain the correct information, the researcher prepared questionnaires and distributed them to students and teachers, as well as organized interviews with students and teachers. After the application, the researcher analyzed the information using the statistical program in social sciences (SPSS 2.2), which uses percentages, arithmetic and standard deviation, and provides us with appropriate analytical feedback. The study reached important results, including: There are reasons related to the low level of language achievement among students, and there are a number of reasons that impede progress, including the lack of sufficient Arabic vocabulary, the inability to use the Arabic language dictionary, building appropriate Arabic sentences, and With the Arabic language class exercises, moreover the lack of the convenient environment for practicing the language, the insufficient qualified teachers to deal with the subject, and finally the lack of time to use the facilities dedicated to the language.

Key: Obstacles, Difficulties, It’s meaning.

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Linguistic Studies