The Rashidi part in the light of general linguistics

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r Mohammad Ali Wannous
Mohamed Bakhet, Assoc. Prof. Dr



This research is a study of scriptures in the light of applied linguistics, and the problem of the study lies in not taking into account the rules of applied linguistics and teaching languages ​​when formulating the Rashidi part by its author. In the light of general linguistics and giving solutions, and extracting the gaps in the Rashidi part in the light of sociolinguistics and giving solutions, and giving solutions, and the study method represented: following the descriptive and analytical approaches. The thesis concluded with results, the most important of which were: the weakness of the lexical level in the Rashidi part and its inappropriateness to teach the Arabic language, and the lack of interest in the Rashidi part with the meanings of vocabulary and how to use it in the linguistic context.  Keywords: Maktab Schools, Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics, Lexical Level, Context, Sociolinguistics, Verbal Society, Psycholinguistics, Pedagogy, Learning Strategies.


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Linguistic Studies