Dirasat aleanasir alfaniyat fi alsiyrat aldhdhatiat alearabia "rhlat alzahra'" limurtadaa eabd alsalam alhaqiqi

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Jamiu Saadullah Abdulkareem, Dr.
Zakariyau Idrees-Oboh Oseni, Prof




People had and will continue to have different experience about love, as it is attached to emotional variables which could be positive or negative. The factors leading to such phenomena may be of the counterpart, family, friends or their immediate environment, therefore, sorrow, joy or mixed feeling will be the result. In this article, the researchers aimed at staging the type of feelings which Al-Haqiqi had from the dating and marriage on the plot of autobiography. The major finding of the study was that the writer complied with the established theory of the genre to a large extent. It is recommended that the contents of the book should be reflected by the readers as a guide of well living with comfort, tranquility, love and mutual understanding.

Keyword: Components, Arabic, Autobiography, Rihlat az-Zahra, Al-Haqiqi.

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