The poetic self in the etprience of Abdulhamid Battao

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Asma Beleid Tebar
Flayyih Mudhhi Ahmed, Assoc. Prof. Dr



This study dealt with the self-poet in the poetry of Abdelhamid Bataw, and the presentation of his social and political values ​​reflected in himself, and his poetry, and also dealt with the discussion of the impact of self-reflection and form in the production of Abdel-Hamid Bataw poetic, psychological variables and the accumulation of self-experience, This study seeks also to show the relationship of the self, and the act of writing structure of the text .The problem of this study is the statement of the dialecticity of the poet's self in the experience of Abdelhamid Bataw, and the importance of this self being permanent in his poetry and on what basis his self was formed, whether during the construction of his poetry or after? Therefore, the study followed the analytical descriptive method and the psychological method. It came out with the following results: The poet's connection with the realist stream to approach his people's issues and he was able to employ the possibilities of language to convey his idea to the recipient. This study also revealed that the self in the poetry of Bataw is a group that reflects a political and cultural reality Socially, all of this was reflected on the elements of the artistic construction of his poetry, where the self-interest in the poetry of Bataw stylistic phenomena such as narrative dialogue quoted from the Koranic dialogue, and emerged the aesthetics of the image through the metaphor and metaphor and questioning and repetition, which supports the guidance of scholars and critics to the people Mam this veteran poet who combined periods of contemporary poetry and modern and still give us the new writing of this study.

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