Aljumlat Alshartiat Fi Tafsir Albahr Almuhit Dirasatan Nahwiatan

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Firas Isam Shihab Alsammarraie
Mohamed Salah El-Din Ahmed, Assoc. Prof. Dr
Abdulwasiu Isiaq Nasirudeen, Assoc. Prof. Dr



This research attempts to find out about Abu Hayyan’s view of the conditional sentence in the Holy Qur’an through his interpretation, and according to what grammar scholars have in terms of the sentences, and to indicate the extent of his agreement with what they see, and his difference with them, and to explain the reasons for approval and difference depending on Abu Hayyan’s discussion of this in his interpretation mainly. Or in his grammatical books, as well as presenting the point of view of his consents and dissenters, and trying to reconcile those views or outweigh each other; the way to the search results.

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Linguistic Studies