Qalqalah in the Holy Qura’an, an Phonological Study

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Ahmed Taha Radwan



The research studies the phenomenon of Qalqalah in the Holy Quran, in terms of the vocal side, from the point of view of modern vocal knowledge, without neglecting the thankful efforts made by our ancient scholars, and comparing what has been written about this phenomenon, both ancient and modern. The research has came out from these comparisons that the voice of Qalqalah is similar to the central voice of vowels known in European languages ​​as (Schwa), but it is not identical to it. And that Qalqalah as a voice belongs to the gender of the vowels and is not part of the Qalqalah letters. And that the reason for the competence of the five voices (qutb jad) with Qalqala is only due to the characteristic of the intensity (explosion) in these voices.

Key words: Qalqalah - tajwid – schwa - Explosive vowels

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Linguistic Studies