Language Errors in the Dubbing of the Ertugrul Resurrection Series

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Maged Mohammed Esmail Qahtan



The study focuses on the language errors in the dubbing of the Turkish historical series “Ertugrul Resurrection” shown on Qatar Channel and the importance of dubbing into classical Arabic. The researcher attempted to highlight the role of dubbing into the Arabic language, identify the most prominent language errors in the series dubbing, and enhance the use of the Arabic language through the dubbing process. Based on this effort, he reached some important conclusions, including the fact that the Arabic dubbing process of Ertugrul Resurrection series helped greatly, in spreading the series at the Arab world level, especially in rural and remote areas unserved by the Internet. He also argued that some of the most apparent language errors in the dubbing process of the series (Ertugrul Resurrection) were caused by the difficulty faced by Native Arabic speakers to overcome the influence of their colloquial dialect because even though they had received some training in the pronunciation of standard Arabic, their vernacular language still impedes their fluency in using standard Arabic. Moreover, he found out that language errors in the dubbing of the Ertugrul Resurrection series were not too many compared to the language errors in other dubbed series into the Arabic language. The researcher concluded that choosing the standard Arabic language in the dubbing process helps to preserve the civilizational and cultural identity of the Arab peoples in particular and Islam in general

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Linguistic Studies

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