Kada wa'akhawatuha fi alquran alkarim ( Dirasatan wasafiyyatan Tarkibiyyatan Dilaliyyah )

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Abdulwasiu Isiaq Nasirudeen
Nawal Yahya Yahya Maqbul



This research deals with studying the actions of the approach mentioned in the Qur'an through common topics as a kind of objective interpretation, as it aims to reach the indications of the actions of the approach within the context and the cross-cutting issues between them, and the researcher relied on the descriptive inductive approach to address the issue of combining the actions of the approach within one framework, and from Then I studied it in terms of syntax and semantics by relying on grammar and interpretation books, especially the book of the scout, and this study yielded a set of results, the most important of which are: that the proven ones were confined within certain topics, the most prominent of which were the proverbs and actions of the unbelievers, and that almost exile came in a The dominance of its citizens in the civil context, specifically the characteristics of believers and hypocrites And that it may be divided into three types, complete and incomplete, and the circle between completeness and decrease, and each of these types have indications based on the composition and the context of the verse within specific topics inclusive of verses with similar converging meaning, and that a tunnel is confined to three places within the framework of the stories of the prophets in the Meccan era, even if the meaning The linguistic verb of the verb is fixed, except that the syntax with the sentence gives an independent connotation in each position. As recommended by the researcher to take care of the colors of objective interpretation in grammatical studies.

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Linguistic Studies
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Abdulwasiu Isiaq Nasirudeen, جامعة المدينة العالمية-ماليزيا

مركز اللغات- جامعة المدينة العالمية

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