Cultural references in an old literature text of Arabic narrative Kalila and Dimna introduction

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Nora Mohammed Omar



Each literary text is a subject of multiple cultural and cultures readings according to the reader inventory. However, are these references reflecting through verbal and cultural representation in narrative texts? Furthermore, Does the manifestation enhance the understanding and awareness of the recipient?Taking into consideration the text as noted by Edward Said, it is not only rhetorical and semantic, but a cultural situation. Therefore, the research aims to answer multiple questions about the cultural system, and the way it formed in the introduction of Kalilah and Dimnah by ibn Al-Mugafa through the symbolic stories that he composed of the Abbasid era at that time. The research also seeks to understand the historical period that Ibn Al-Muqaffa experienced as a cultural mosaic, with its Greek, Persian, Hindi, Arabic and other influences. Kalila and Dimna book includes three original introductions: the first introduction written by ibn Al-Muqafa, which is the focus of the research. The second introduction is (Chapter of Borzuya’s delegation to India), And The third one is (The chapter of Borzuya translated by Bazrgamhr Ibn Al-Bakhtakan).

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