Annasab Ilal Mufradaat ( Athunaiyyaat Namuzajan)

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Gamal AbdelHameed Hasan, Asst. Prof. Dr.



This study deals with how to relate to two-way vocabulary, both morphologically and linguistically.

The problem of research was the study: how to relate to vocabulary, a study of morphology, and the ratios were selected to the binaries as a model, to know how to descent to what was the origin of the position on two characters. The aim of this research is to study the relation between two languages in vocabulary, morphologically and linguistically. The importance of this research is to add research from language related to the science of exchange; to learn more secrets of the structure of the word, and weights, and purposes of descent to words, To achieve this research a prestigious position, and a high status between language research and exchange. The results of the study showed that: The reduction of the ratio and the proportion, the advantage of brevity in speech, and the word in the ratios change the origin of their status for the purpose of non-semantic deletion, increase and replacement, as well as changes: verbal, moral, The term "exchange" is used only in the beginning of the fifth century in the title of the book by Abdel-Qaher al-Jarjani, entitled: The key in exchange, which is taken as synonymous with the term "discharge". The study revealed: Some of the buildings, weights and morphological language that they included through the ratios to the two-word vocabulary.

Keywords: ratios, double-edged vocabulary, how ratios

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