Galal Nahwi Wa Sarfi Wa Aatharimah

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Salahaldin Ahmed Ragheb Mohamed AlSbai
Mohamed Salah deen Ahmad FatiulBab, Assoc. Prof. Dr



 Many scholars - especially students of the forensic sciences - are keen to learn grammar and Arabic grammar as a science of the machine. This leads to a clear imbalance in the taste of many texts of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.This research attempts to put things in front of the student in the quorum, I reviewed the proverbs of the advances and the scholars in the importance of learning grammar, and reviewed several models, including confirming that the legitimacy varies according to the grammatical premise, and THIS depends on taste and sense of beauty and the existence of background Grammatical contemplator. It was concluded from this research that learning grammar and exchange is important for every student of Arab affairs, especially the student of forensic science. The change of formation may lead to the occurrence of a person in shirk: like someone who reads (the photographer breaks the waw) read by the photographer opening the waw in the verse: (God is the Creator of the Creator Illustrated).

And it reached the majesty of the language learn THAT learn the rules affect the mind and heart together.

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Linguistic Studies

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