Jomoul Killa Walkathra fi Suuratul Kahf

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Ragab Shehata Mahmoud Mohamed, Asst. Prof. Dr.



This study deals with the masses of few and many in Surah Al-Kahf, a study in the light of modern linguistics. The problem of research is the study of the masses of the few and the many mentioned in the cave and the semantic effect of these masses. This research aims to study the Quranic words that are on the weights of a few and a lot in Surah Al- These masses in the light of modern linguistics, The results of the study showed that the numerical significance of the few and the many has a great impact in the interpretation of the Holy Quran, If we consider it in Surat al-Kahf, we find it intentional in every part of the sura, and the diversity of words in terms of pluralism and pluralism was not arbitrary, but was intentional, necessitated by the meaning and meaning of the context.Key words: Surat al-Kahf in, Minorities and Minorities, A Study in Light, Contemporary Linguistics


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Mahmoud Mohamed, R. S. (2020). Jomoul Killa Walkathra fi Suuratul Kahf. AL-Lisan International Journal for Linguistic & Literary Studies, 3(7), 30-47. Retrieved from
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