The Title Positivity and Reverse Connotations in the Text,A Stylistic and Rhetorical Study of the "flowers poem" By Ashjhan Hindi

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Taysir Abbas Mohammed Al-Shareef, Ass. Prof. Dr.



 The entry of the title is the land of the text that appears to the receiver. First, the "title" has the power and responsibility for the initial connotations towards which the receiver's mind is directed. It draws the receiver’s attention by its sounds, structures and cognitive dimensions, and it tempts the receiver to explore the hidden parts of the text and its connotations.     The titles of the aimed poem in this study embodied in the structure of flowers "violas – with the Arabian jasmine (dhāt al-ful) – sunflower paint". These titles imply positivity and beauty unless the receiver goes through the poem opposite aspects will appear over a rhetorical and an analytical study, which shows the bi-negative connotations of the text.     This paper aims to address examples of the meaning connotations and their effects on the receiver, and then to clarify the interactive relationship between the title connotation and the overall text connotation.


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Literary Studies