Determining of the Intentional Meaning in the Discourse between Pragmatic and Situational Context

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Abdulganiy Abimbola Abdussalam, Assoc. Prof. Dr.



The fact still remain that the relationship between the word and what it connote, is a social cultural one, but is will be difficult to understand the meaning of any sentence comprises numbers of words without taking to consideration some aspects which help to determine the intended meanings, some of which are linguistic; such as phonetic, morphological, syntactical and lexicographic one. Others are psychological and situational aspects. It will be difficult to get the intention of the writer right, based on levels of content analysis of the language, without considering the situational context of both the speaker and his or her target(s). To this end, the linguistic aspects mentioned above, has to do with discourse under the study of Semantics, while non-linguistic aspects come under the Arabic rhetoric, the two emphasized the relationship between the Semantics and its branches and rhetoric and its branches. This is what the present writer intends to establish through numerous illustrations as is contained in this paper.

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Linguistic Studies