A proposed model for integrating the concepts of a peace culture and conflict resolution into the education curricula

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Dr. Safia Naji Esmail Al-Duais


This research aims to study the possibility of integrating the concepts of peace and resolving conflict by peaceful means in the curricula of basic education and proposing a model for incorporating these concepts into the curricula. So, the study has included only one main question that reads: What is the proposed model for integrating the concepts of peace and peaceful conflict resolution into the elementary school curricula? To achieve this goal, the researcher followed the descriptive analytical approach. The study has concluded that there are main concepts and strategies that can actually contribute to developing a culture of peace and peaceful conflict resolution if they are taught to students in the basic stage schools. These strategies can be worked to create awareness among the students. Actually, the conflict has two main aspects: a negative and a positive side. However, if the focus is on the positive side, all the disputing parties will emerge from the conflict in a position benefiting accordingly. The thought of benefiting from the conflict's position in the public interest and seizing the benefit from it to all parties is the most important principles adopted by the strategies of developing concepts of peace culture and resolving the conflict by peaceful means.

Key words: Culture of Peace - Conflict Resolution - Curriculum - Course - curricular activities and extracurricular activities.


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