Introducing the journal: A specialized periodical journal issued by the Faculty of Education at Al-Madinah International University, which publishes scientific research and studies related to the fields of education and psychology and adheres to the research methodology and the research procedures.

Name of the Journal: MEDIU International Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences (MIJEPS)

 Vision: To be a leading scientific Journal ranked among the most famous global databases and publishing researches in the field of educational and psychological sciences and contribute to the development of searching potentials.

 Mission: publishing specialized and reviewed researches in accordance with international professional standards in the fields of educational and psychological sciences.

 Objectives: The International Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences adopts a general objective which is disseminating enriching educational and psychological knowledge that can contribute to the development of the educational field in general and the teaching process in particular. And the following are the objectives of the journal:

 1- Contributing to the development of educational and psychological sciences, and its implementations by publishing theoretical and applied researches in education and psychology in various fields with emphasis on the high quality of this researches and its relevance to the national and international situation in the present and future.

2 – publish the theoretical and applied research in educational and psychological sciences and related fields

3 - Encouraging researches, which emphasizes diversity and intellectual thinking, and getting benefit from all knowledge resources of education previously and recently, whether they are foreign or Arabic resources.

4 - Focusing on studies, research, and theories and their applications in the fields of modern educational and psychological sciences

 Content of the journal:

Journal is interested to publish in the following fields:

 1- Research and original articles in the fields of education and psychology

  1. Conference abstracts and reports
  2. abstracts and reviews of books and research

 Acceptable Research Areas for Publication:

 The Journal accepts studies and researches of which are modern in nature and the following are the main Areas:

1 -Curriculum and teaching methods.

2- Educational psychology.

3- Foundation of education and educational management.

4-. Educational technology.

5- Related Specializations

 Place of Publication

Faculty of Education, Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) Malaysia

  Publication Requirement

As part of the publication requirement process, authors must ensure that their requests satisfy all of the following paragraphs accordingly, failure to meet up with the following may lead to paper rejection. 

 Authors’ Instruction


The MEDIU International Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences (MIJEPS)

is issued according to the following regulations:

  • First: the principles of the true Islamic religion.
  • The laws of issuance and publication in the Malaysian state.
  • The vision, mission, and goals of Al-Madinah International University.
  • Research language to be a sound and eloquent language, and to be characterized by objectivity and scientific methodology.
  • The researcher must commit to writing the research abstract in both Arabic and English, not exceeding half a page.
  • The journal does not receive the dispatches of the scientific papers that have been discussed, nor the papers that have been previously published in a refereed journal.
  • The research paper is not less than 20 pages, and that it does not exceed 40 pages, and in the event that the search is more than that, the research shall be divided into parts as the case may be.
  • That the researcher is obligated not to send his research to any other party for publication until he receives the journal's response, and it is not permissible to publish the research or parts of it elsewhere after approval of its publication in the Al-Madinah International University Journal.
  • The researcher takes into account the scientific research method so that the research consists of the following parts:

The research title, the research summary, the research keywords, the research introduction, the importance of the research, the research problem, the research objectives, the previous studies, the study method and tool, study procedures, results and recommendations, Sources, references, and attachments (if any).

  • Writing Sources and References Shall be in accordance with the APA
     Providing the editorial board with a copy of the research on the website's publishing form system, and the search must be written by the computer in accordance with the following editing controls:
  • Send the search text in one (doc, Docx) and another (PDF) copy.
  • The body of the text in Arabic traditional Arabic is normal (volume 16).
  • Text body in English language, Times New Roman, normal (size 12).
  • Margin text in Arabic traditional Arabic is normal (volume 12).
  • Margin text in Times New Roman, English, normal (size 8).
  • Main titles in the Arabic language: Traditional Arabic Black (volume 18).
  • Headlines in English: Times New Roman black (size 14)
  • Subtitles in Arabic: Traditional Arabic Black (Volume 16).
  • English subtitles, Times New Roman, normal (size 10).