Teaching Speaking Skill in Arabic Language Syllabuses for Non-Native Speakers: Analytical and Evaluation Study

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omran ahmad musleh


Speaking is considered as one of most important language skill as well as other skills in the process of learning second language, by which learner can use the language practically and he can communicate with others. In addition, ability to speak can give a motivation to continue language learning process. Moreover, the efficiency of leaning speaking skill depends on teaching methods and the content which its delivered and presented. Thus this research aims to study speaking teaching methods and analyze content of three Arabic language syllabus which are famous in teaching Arabic for non- Native speakers; in order to evaluate these methods, content and activities pertaining speaking skill and improve methods of teaching this skill. The research comes out with conclusion and some suggestions to improve speaking skill based on analyzing of these three syllabuses and the theoretical frame work of the research.

Key words: Teaching Arabic for Non-Native speaker-Teaching Arabic Language skills- Speaking skill -Arabic language syllabuses for non- Native speaker.

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omran ahmad musleh, Al Ain University

Asst.Prof.Dr. Omran A.A Musleh

Head Of Currecula and Instruction 

Faculty of Education 

Almadinah International University