Investigating the Impact of SERVQUAL Dimensions on the Customer Loyalty in the Private Hospitals in the Yemeni Capital (Sana’a)

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abdalkarim65 M Shari
Sadun Naser Yassin Alheety
Mohammed Abdullah Alkhawlani


This approach scrutinized the direct empirical relationship between service quality (SERVQUAL) dimensions and customer loyalty (CULY) in private hospitals in the Yemeni Capital (Sana’a) this study was conducted in five major hospitals, which are Almutawakel, Azal, Science & Technology, Modern German and Yemen German. Still, the paper determined the significance the hospital environment as an optimal mediator in the relationship between service quality and customer loyalty. Comprehension of hospital environment provides valuable insights into factors playing the critical role to increase the customer loyalty rates. In this thesis, tangibility, empathy, assurance, reliability and responsiveness are posited as having an influence on customer loyalty rates in private hospitals in the Yemeni Capital. For data analysis and hypothesis testing, SEM tool and several statistical methods such as the maximum likelihood estimate and regression technique were utilized to understand the dimensionality of the variables. The outcomes demonstrated that service quality dimensions of tangibility, empathy and assurance have positive influence on customer loyalty while reliability and responsiveness have no impact on customer loyalty.  Regression results also indicated that hospital environment have a positive influence on customer loyalty. Furthermore, hospital environment is found to be significant mediating factor in the relationship among tangibility, empathy assurance, reliability and customer loyalty in private hospitals in the Yemeni Capital. Hospital environment is found to be insignificant mediating factor in the relationship between responsiveness and customer loyalty in private hospitals in the Yemeni capital. The relationship among hospital environment, service quality dimensions, and customer loyalty proposes that increasing the quality rate of service quality would be valuable to the management of private hospitals. Based on study findings, theoretical and practical implications were discussed. Limitations and recommendations for future research were also highlighted.

Keywords: service quality. Private hospital,  customer loyalty, service quality dimensions.

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Management and Financial Studies