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Amr Ehsan Alaghabri


This paper will focus on Project Management at the Public Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) on project success and failure, the failure of projects for organization is normally wasting organization’s time, efforts, cost or most of them. The aim of research is to obtain efficient project management tools for the organization in order to achieve a project success. The main objective for the research is to concentrate on the project management tools and techniques and the relationship in between with the effective project management techniques. 

The author will try to reveal the main sources for the failure of a project due to the lack of project management tools, aiming that from this research can focus on the project management tools matters and that will be considered more serious and professional to achieve organizational objectives. The benefits of effective project management tools might not be applicable for all scales of project and procurement activity. But it can be applied at all stages in the project life cycle, from the earliest assessments of strategy to the supply, operation, maintenance and disposal of individual items, facilities or assets. It has many applications, ranging from the evaluation of alternative activities for budgets and business plans, to the management of cost overruns and delays in projects. Questionnaires have been collected through an online survey and SPSS is used to analyze the collected data after three stages of cleaning process and finally preforming the analysis phase to reveal the research findings. The findings of the research would provide the company with quite information which is believed to help the company in future about using their available resources in a best way. So, the solution shows, what would be the scenario for the company in terms of resource usage and time required, which help to use their available resources in a best possible way in case of current and test condition, while communication skill and supporting from the management could help to give suggestions to overcome the problems in the earlier section of the projects. Moreover this research supports previous literature on Project Management worldwide, however this research provides a value to most cooperation that apply project management techniques in the region of Yemen.

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Management and Financial Studies