The impact of teaching using a differentiated learning strategy in academic achievement development of tenth grade students in mathematics استراتيجبات التعليم والتعلم

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أمل محمد عبدالله



The current study aimed to investigate the effect of using a differentiated learning strategy in teaching topics to solve linear equations with two variables or three of the tenth grade on the level of achievement. And the researcher has used the quasi-experimental course. And the study sample consisted of 50 female students are students of the tenth grade in Arjan Secondary School for Girls in the second semester of the academic year 2016-2017 and had been distributed into two divisions, the first division was chosen as a pilot group and consisted of (25) students studied topics using a differentiated learning strategy and the second division as a control group (25) students where they studied in the traditional manner. And the results of the study have pointed to the positive impact of the teaching of mathematics using a differentiated learning strategy on the development of the collection skill in math compared with students who studied the same subjects in the traditional manner where the results indicated that there were statistically significant differences at the significance level (α = 0.05) between the two groups the experimental and the control group in the study variable.

Key words: a differentiated learning strategy, academic achievement.

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