The The Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Association between Organizational Commitment and Knowledge Sharing in Malaysian Research Universities: PLS SEM

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Yaser Mohammed Ahmed Mutahar
Mazen Mohammed Farea


Knowledge sharing in Malaysian higher education institutions experiences inadequate organizational commitment and culture. Knowledge sharing is essential for creating sustainability, performance, and competitive advantage in an organization. This work aims to identify the interplay between organizational commitment (OC), organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), and knowledge sharing (KS) among academic staff in Malaysian research universities. Using a quantitative approach with survey questionnaires, the research examines the connections between these variables. The findings reveal that higher levels of organizational commitment correlate positively with increased knowledge sharing, mediated by organizational citizenship behavior. Moreover, organizational commitment influences organizational citizenship behavior, which subsequently fosters knowledge sharing. These results underscore the importance of cultivating a supportive organizational culture to facilitate knowledge sharing among academic staff, thereby enhancing organizational performance. The findings offer actionable insights for university leaders and policymakers, providing guidelines for optimizing knowledge management practices in higher education institutions to maintain long-term viability and competitiveness on a global scale.

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