Enhancing Knowledge Sharing among Academic Staff in Malaysian Research Universities: The Roles of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Commitment

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Yaser Mohammed Ahmed Mutahar
Mazen Mohammed Farea


There is an overwhelming requirement placed on organizations to assist in the process of information exchange, as it would be effectively done through voluntary encouragement and support instead of making it a rule of compulsion. This study investigates the interrelationships between organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), organizational commitment (OC), and knowledge sharing among academics in Malaysian research universities (MRUs). Utilizing a quantitative research design, the study deploys a questionnaire based on a five-point Likert scale. It collected data from a scientifically determined sample size of 371 academic staff across five recognized MRUs. The findings robustly indicate that both OCB and OC significantly impact the propensity for knowledge sharing among academic staff, thereby suggesting practical strategies for leadership and management within MRUs to foster a culture that promotes and facilitates knowledge sharing. This research contributes to the theoretical understanding of the mechanisms through which OCB and OC influence knowledge sharing in the academic context. Additionally, it offers practical insights for university leaders to harness these behaviors to enhance organizational effectiveness, team cohesion, and academic performance. The study underscores the necessity for MRUs to implement leadership styles and management practices that not only encourage knowledge sharing but also bolster psychological empowerment and organizational citizenship behaviors among academic staff.

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