The Influence of Stakeholders’ Satisfaction On the Success of Construction Projects in Yemen

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Fouad Abdulamajid Al-akhali
Barjoyai Bardai


Most of the projects in Yemen fail to achieve the projects’ objectives such as over budget, behind the schedule and didn’t meet the specific quality regardless of the excellent design of those projects, great planning, and the high extensive experience of the project managers and their team members. This study was to identify the highly influential predictors that determine the construction projects’ success and stakeholders’ satisfaction in Yemen as well as it was to investigate the mediating effects of Stakeholders’ Satisfaction on the relationships between top management support, project managers’ competencies, organizational culture, project governance and project management office with the projects’ success. The methodology used in this study was a quantitative method. It reflected The importance of the stakeholders’ satisfaction in order to achieve projects’ success when it works as mediating factor. Even though they don’t feel satisfied from the direct relationship with procedures and policies raised from project and corporate governance, construction projects still achieve success and meet the specific requirements because of the stakeholders’ satisfaction significantly mediates this relationship depending on their interest and satisfaction. It is considered the most important finding in this research. In order to deliver successful projects, this paper has revealed the knowledge which how, when, and the best approach of reaching the level of stakeholders’ satisfaction.

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