Statistical Analysis Modeling of Zakat Service Quality and its Impact on Zakat Project Performance in the Medina Region of Saudi Arabia

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Ahmad Abdullah A Almalki
Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi
Al-Harath Abdulaziz Ateik


Statistical Analysis of Charity Service Quality: Exploring its Moderating Role in the Relationship Between Marketing Mix Elements and Charity Project Performance in Saudi Arabia. This study, conducted on volunteers from Bir Organization and Osraty Organization in Madinah, employed rigorous quantitative research methods, including the distribution of 395 questionnaires. Utilizing advanced statistical tools such as SPSS 26 and Smart PLS 3.3, the analysis uncovered a noteworthy correlation between Process of Charity and Physical evidence with Charity Projects Performance. Conversely, Charity Products and Charities Promotion displayed an insignificant relationship. Particularly significant was the observed substantial moderating influence of Charity Service Quality on relationships involving Charities Promotion, Process of Charity, and Physical evidence with Charity Projects Performance. In light of these findings, it is suggested to further refine the Statistical Analysis Modeling for future studies, potentially exploring additional variables or employing advanced statistical techniques to deepen the understanding of the intricate dynamics influencing charity project performance in Saudi Arabia.

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