Charity Service Quality: A Moderator in Marketing Mix Strategy and Project Performance

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Ahmad Abdullah A Almalki
Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi
Al-Harath Abdulaziz Ateik
Zakarya Mohsen Al-Hodiany


This study investigates the relationship between marketing mix elements, service quality, and the performance of charity projects in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on the Volunteers at Bir Organization and Osraty Organization in the city of Madinah. Using survey questionnaires distributed to 395 volunteers, the research analyzes the impact of Charity Products, Charities Promotion, Process of Charity, and Physical evidence on Charity Projects Performance. The findings reveal a significant relationship between Process of Charity and Physical evidence with project performance, while Charity Products and Charities Promotion show an insignificant association. Moreover, Charity Service Quality moderates the relationship between Charities Promotion, Process of Charity, and Physical evidence, but not Charity Products. The study emphasizes the importance of maintaining service quality standards for effective charity project performance, suggesting that quality services can enhance the promotion, process, and physical environment of charity initiatives.

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