A Pilot Study o n the Adoption of Islamic Banking

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Kutaiba Al-Awqati


Jordan has a dual banking structure, with two fully functional Islamic banks coexisting with traditional banks. However, Islamic banks’ total assets represent only 9% of the total banking assets in Jordan between 2015 and 2018, which has risen the question on what prevent Jordanian to Adopt the Islamic Banking. The research attempt to determine the factors that affect the adoption of Islamic Banking, Namely; User Awareness and Risk Factor with Adopting Islamic Banking In Jordan. To achieve this, the researcher has reviewed the recent published literature in the field of behavioral studies and adoption psychology and discussed eight underpinning theories related to that topic. After critical review of the literature, the research defined the research gaps, and built the research conceptual framework. The researcher adopted the theoretical framework of the Diffusion of Innovation. The research employs a quantitative approach using fieldwork survey and standard questionnaire that consist of seven sections. The researcher selected at random a total of 30 Jordanian respondents who were customers of the banking sector in Jordan. The quantitative analyses were done using SPSS. This study is important because it will help the practitioner to focus on the variables that significantly affecting the adoption of the Islamic banking in Jordan.

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