Causes and Effects of Communication : Case Study of San Miguel Corporation

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Sina El Mligi El Sayed
Al-Harath Abdulaziz Ateik
Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi


The climate in an organization is a determining factor for many collaborators, which makes them want to stay in the institution. It is necessary to realize when a collaborator understands a message, the type of language used by their boss or supervisor is decisive at the time of the interrelation. One of the bad experiences that a collaborator can experience in his company is that superiors use offensive language. "Communication destroys the company from within," says Kuberappa and Kumar (2015) in an article published by LinkedIn. This study was based on data obtained from a mass consumption company, Industries San Miguel, which produces, distributes, and markets soft drinks in different cities of Peru. The controversy arises in what is the proportion or scope of "communication" within the organizational climate. For this, the investigation began with the question: What is the influence between organizational communication and the workplace climate on workers? Noise is generated in an organization due to the inadequate handling of information that is produced by the interaction of the different groups, making it difficult to understand the veracity of the information. The interdependence between communication and information may lie in the persuasive nature of the communication process.

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