The Role of Halal Trade on the Saudi Economy

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Ruba Riad Al-Husni
Sadun Al-Heety
Fahd Al-shaghdari


In light of the economic development witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which focuses on its non-oil resources, the importance of the halal sector in general and halal trade in particular is evident in supporting this economic development, especially with the expansion and diversification of the global halal market, which requires the Kingdom of high religious standing to keep pace with this development, the research presents the reality of halal trade in the Kingdom, referring to the countries and their competing commodities, based on previous documents, studies and research, and based on the qualitative analytical approach, The importance of this study is that it enriches the scientific library with research aimed at supporting halal trade and its success. It also has a practical benefit in employing halal trade in supporting the Saudi economy, the research problem was presented in the Kingdom's dependence on non-oil resources after a long time after its economy depended on oil imports, therefore, growth and development existed, but slowly, the reality of halal trade in the Kingdom was presented in numbers and statistics, the impact it can provide to the Saudi economy was highlighted, some problems encountered in halal import and export, and suggest some programs and solutions that can push the halal trade forward, such as setting up and attending halal exhibitions and conferences, and direct communication with foreign markets and importing companies, enact more legislation that facilitates halal trade and other proposals that can push halal trade to become stronger and more effective in the Saudi economy, in order to achieve the success of the process of economic development.

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