An Empirical Analysis of White Sugar Relation With Obesity And Diabetes & Its Impacts on Population: Case Study of Small District Pakistan

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Muhammad Ali
Al-Harath Abdulaziz Ateik
Fariba Azizzadeh
Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi


According to chemical composition of Sugar it contain fructose sucrose & glucose, ribose & deoxyribose normally white sugar stuff is consist of all these fibres & compounds Sugar is a sweetening agent consist of monosaccharides & and disacsharides which increase body fat & in the result of fat volume of obesity increased,it have been  seen experimentally, and clinically that it involves in different epidemics obesity & diabetes Melitus Diabetes T2DM, Its not only limited to these epidemics but also it effect the other human body system dysfunction of beta cell insuline resistence overweight as well as Gestational diabetes a condition elevated level of gulcose in the blood during pregnancy if a women suffered gestational diabetes her baby health at risk when baby born it also increase the risk of diabetes T2DM  after baby birth So normally white or refine Sugar consumption or its excessive use is not favoable for a happy & healthy life.Here we research about the sugar impacts on a society & its economic impacts on on the peoples life & we gonna do a research in a special small district of Pakistan to find out the sugar impacts on peolpes life economicall & hygienically  it has been seen that in past peoples were more healthy & strong when they are not using sugar normally they use substitute of sugar when peoples start using sugar they started suffering from various diseases like diabetes,obesity & many more,Obesity itself is a very lethal disease which give rise many diseases.So in this research we will do a short analysis of sugar usage in small district of Pakistan.

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