The Implications of The Covid-19 Pandemic on E-Commerce in Saudi Arabia

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Mansour Abdulkareem Al-Odah
Al-Harath Abdulaziz Ateik


The COVID-19 pandemic succeeded in including the concept of e-commerce as one of the most important variables that entered the world in a natural way to simplify the reality of life in light of home. As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the suspension of most economic activities, many organizations may stumble in their work and activities, and in order to stay in touch with their customers, they must resort to technological and economic transformations in order to communicate remotely using electronic maps, e-commerce platforms and communications to conduct its business and increase its sales electronically, to remain a leader in this field. Saudi Arabia is among the countries in the world affected by this economic and health crisis. However, the influx of e-applications from its part has initiated the e-partners of one of the largest markets in the Middle East Africa region due to the building of trust in its online markets as a result of trade relationships that sustain business from the increase of e-commerce given this global pandemic.Through the spread of online orders during the epidemic period, Saudi Arabia was able to identify the quality of the infrastructure and technology that the government has established to develop its electronic commerce, so it was found that it should identify all strengths and weaknesses to allow opportunities to develop its digital performance in the future and to keep pace with its rank among the countries most dependent on e-commerce.

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