Detection of Spam on Amazon E-commerce platform

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younous mahamat younous
Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary
Shadi M.S. Hilles




     The advancement of technology and the use of internet have changed many aspects of human culture over the years. Today, people look up to the internet to replace many old habits of doing things with the online shopping over platforms like Amazon and eBay becoming one of the most popular activities amongst people in modern societies. Consumers over these similar platforms take confidence in reputation and trust for comprehensive understanding of products or services when making a purchase decision. Actually well-known spam, method used to send unwanted electronic message to an unsolicited or random peoples who checks on the product or website .the major web search engine are target and easy prey use of electronic messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam) to make advertising on same web site .however web search engine in similar blogs social spam ,discussion groups junk fax spam mobile applications, news groups of spam .that spam is illegal but in some country they are working to legalize it somehow. The singleton is a new suggestion with hybrid classification can work forward to detect spam reviews and sentiment; E-commerce can reduce the threat of spamming on product and advertise in right way use legal channels.   [2].in fact Spam had many types, so that could operate in different way.

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