Analysis of Human Machine Interaction Design Perspective - A Comprehensive Literature Review

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Mohammad Mithun Ahamed


Human Computer Interaction also refers as Human Machine Interaction is the most extensive research field of computer science. It defines the behavior between human and machine. The design perspective of human machine interaction helps to interact and how a machine system can operable without potential error and efficiently by human. Many researches have done and also been doing in the field of Human Computer Interaction but the main concern goes to the interaction design methods that would be human understandable and desirable. Several relevant fields have been discussed in this article particularly the interaction methodologies and interaction perspectives. We tried to discuss and summarize the previous important research in this field such as the history of human computer interaction, interaction methods, taxonomy of hci, principles, aspects, and some specific fields of human and machine interaction. A comprehensive literature review has been done in this article regarding human machine interaction. The discussion and summery section in this article reviewed the research limitations of the interaction methodologies and design as well as the importance of future interaction methodologies and interaction design aspect for avoid potential error and interact with the machine conveniently by human.

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Artificial intelligence
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Mohammad Mithun Ahamed, Al-Madinah International University

Studying PhD in Information and Communication Technology


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