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mohamed kamel atwa


One of the consequences of the Agile principles is a drastic redefinition of the roles that exist in a software project. This paper will study the roles in three segments, and we're going to use these segments to study the roles as they exist in Agile projects. One of the most important changes affects the role of the manager. In the first segment, we're going to see what managers, traditionally, in non-Agile methods do. And actually, they can do lots of different things. In the second segment, we're going to focus on Scrum, which has been very influential here. And we're going to see that in a project that is organized according to strict Scrum principles, there's only three roles, and we will study these three roles. In segment number 3, we're going to broaden the perspective a bit, assume that we're not just working according to strict Scrum principles, and see what other roles can exist in Agile projects, particularly with other Agile methods.

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