English Steganography Techniques: A Review Paper Steganography Techniques: A Review Paper

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Shadi M. S. Hilles
Mohammad Ajman Hossain


Abstract— Steganography is the covering up of a message inside a conventional message. Steganography makes cryptography a stride more distant by concealing a scrambled message so that nobody presumes it exists. Anybody examining information will neglect to know it contains encoded information. Data is very to disseminate over the world effortlessly and financially by the development of innovation and having the quick access of Internet which also made individuals to stress over their protection and works. The steganography give strategies that helps to stow away and blend data inside other data which makes hard to perceive by assailants. The exponential development and secret correspondence of potential users over the web makes the steganography significant. Steganography is accomplished in correspondence, picture, content, voice or media content for copyright, military correspondence, confirmation and numerous different purposes. In picture Steganography, secret correspondence is accomplished to install a message into cover picture and create a stego-picture. By using this innovative technology, the end client get the information as a picture without anybody realizing that the picture contains some basic data, so if the picture is translated by any outsider, the information won't show to them, thus the information will secure amid transmission and the client utilizes a safe code to recover the information from the picture on the receiving end. In this paper diverse Steganography methods for Text, Image, Audio and video Steganography, DCT, DWT, DFT, and furthermore application of Steganography for concealing content will be discussed. This paper gives some vital data about steganography strategies that will help in future looks into in steganography and information concealing field.

Keywords—Text, Image, Audio, video Steganography, DCT, DWT, DFT.

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