Agricultural System and its Holistic Universal instruments in the Qur'an

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Abdollatif Ahmadi Ramchahi Abdollah
عبدالرحمن مؤنس
محمد يعقوب ذو الكفل محمد يوسف


Agriculture is considered as an important science due to its relation to human life in particular and to all organisms in general. Agriculture is one of the important causes of the life and continuity of humans, animals and other organisms in this universe, and Allah has explained to us in the Holy Quran in many places what is useful about the secrets of the agricultural system, especially the universal tools of the integrated agricultural system. Some may think that agriculture is related to farmers only, and has nothing to do with the Qur’an and Islamic sciences and Islamic studies. This study aims to correct this misconception, through a descriptive approach. This research has concluded that agriculture is a sign and a global miracle related to the Lord of the Wild. For agriculture in order to take place naturally, there must be some universal tools prepared by God to complete the agricultural process successfully, thus the farmers and others should contemplate the ability of God Almighty to germinate planting. God Almighty will come out planting with his permission and ability which benefit the human, animal and all beings.

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قسم البحوث الشرعية

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