The Reality Of Child Labor A Field Study In The Center Of The Duhok Governorate

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د.جيهان سعيد عادل


Child labor has become a widespread phenomenon in most societies. It is not limited to poor developing countries, but even to civilized countries. On 11 June each year, international organizations and governments celebrate the International Day against Child Labor. This is clear evidence of dissatisfaction with this phenomenon, The research problem arises after the phenomenon of child labor has become a threat to the future of childhood and through the researcher's observation and its interaction with different groups within the local community of Dohuk governorate, in addition to its field and daily observations, the spread of this phenomenon, This study aims to identify the reality of child labor in Dohuk governorate in terms of quality of work, satisfaction with work, hours of daily work, working child's wages, how to spend the child's financial. Identify the reasons that led children to work.  Identify problems faced by children at work. The submission of a number of recommendations and proposals in light of the results of the research may help to eliminate this dangerous phenomenon. To achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher prepared a model for interviewing the children through a number of questions, including several axes. The validity of the measure of the veracity was verified and with the stability obtained in Alpha Kronbach method, where the value of alpha is (88.5). This Alpha value is proved that the used tool in this study in such a way is accepted. The study samples are (65) children by (30) children aged between (6-10) years and (35) children aged over 10 years. The results showed that there are a range of occupations practiced by children (such as a vendor, a porter, etc.), and showed that (61) of the (65) of their dissatisfaction with their work, and showed that (60) of the total (65) (60) of the total (65) spend their money on the family. As for the second goal, there are a number of reasons that lead a child to work, including (Economic factors, school dropout, crisis in the region, social factors) and the third objective problems faced by children at work are (lack of daily income, the child was exposed to fatigue and extreme fatigue, and types of violence, learning behavioral manifestations undesirable), the researcher made a number of recommendations and proposals.

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