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Published: 2017-04-20

Customer Trust And Acceptance Of Online Purchasing In Malaysia

Fahed Al Kerdi, Mohammed Abdullah Ali Alkhawlani, Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi, Humam Bin Haji Mohamed

The Mediating Role of Culture Factor on Librarian’s Career Contentment at Academic Malaysian University Libraries

Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi, Mazen Mohammed Farea, Maged Mustafa Mahyoub, Humam Bin Haji Mohamed

Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning in the Al-Madinah International University

Mohammad Mahmoud Alzu’bi, Mazen Mohammed Farea, Maged Mustafa Al-Dubai


Abdoulaye M. Zakaria, Mazen Mohammed Farea, Zakarya Mohsen Al-hodiany

Customers Desires on Marketing Mix and It’s Impacts on Tesco (Malaysia)

Aymen Ayub Ibrahim, Mohammed Abdullah Ali Alkhawlani, Fahd Mohammed Al-shaghdari