Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning in the Al-Madinah International University

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Mohammad Mahmoud Alzu’bi
Mazen Mohammed Farea
Maged Mustafa Al-Dubai


Engaging the m-learning acceptance services in education environment could improve the availability of learning, due to provide learning anywhere and anytime. The main objective of this study is to examine the culture factor that drive m-learning acceptance in Malaysian higher education institution and it’s perceived ease of use as well as it’s perceived usefulness m-learning on students’ studies. This research is a quantitative study using survey approach. In the current research, the target population involves, Al-Madinah International University students who are using m-learning services for their learning settings.  Based on the outcomes, the factors with the highest direct effect on Intention to use m-learning appeared to be Attitude toward using m-learning, while the factor with the highest indirect effect on Intention to use m-learning appeared to be Compatibility.

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