The Mediating Role of Culture Factor on Librarian’s Career Contentment at Academic Malaysian University Libraries

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Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi
Mazen Mohammed Farea
Maged Mustafa Mahyoub
Humam Bin Haji Mohamed


The purpose of this paper is to conclude what is the mediating role of culture factor on librarian’s performance at academic Malaysian university libraries that affecting job satisfaction a complete assessment by means of questionnaire was used to collect data from the libraries employee in academic Malaysian universities who were the participants of this study. A figure of 185 complete questionnaire assumed to the librarians by (online and by hand) were expected, the sampling technique of my paper was selected based on random systematic sampling. The outcome of this instance of librarian’s self-contained suggestions part funding of the cognitive evaluation philosophy that the researcher will be contingent on it discovery what are the extrinsic and intrinsic elements that influence librarians employee career contentment. This study shows that instigator elements such as culture, working environment and management are connected to career contentment. As can we see that proposal from this reading suggests a negative relationship of income and career contentment which assistance the consequences of other previous research. Rendering to this  paper also suggests that cultural connected vicissitudes may have an effect on worker’s reply to career contentment , as the plan of job methods for workforces at Malaysian public library may have not alike to other preceding readings that in the cognitive evaluation philosophy. The reading also discovered career contentment in respect to selected elements such as: sex, age, level of tutoring, station job, this paper acquired a entire of practical inferences in the direction of theoretical and manufacturing of the workforce public library, the scholar of this reading counsel in his consequence that the administration of university libraries necessity alteration and put up with rules which will improve elements of career contentment, for instance: culture factor insight , culture, wage, management and work environment, in this was  they can suggestion improved facilities to library students, satisfactory to supplement output of the workforce in addition comprehensive the official substances. We need similarly the organization should attempt to compromise a level playing for equal odds among user librarians by safeguarding that simple needs for academic quality are delivered for all, irrespective of gender, so that the operator staff will likewise create contentment In their work position.

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