Customers Desires on Marketing Mix and It’s Impacts on Tesco (Malaysia)

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Aymen Ayub Ibrahim
Mohammed Abdullah Ali Alkhawlani
Fahd Mohammed Al-shaghdari


The Marketing Mix comprises of four decisions which should be considered before launching a product. Firms should plan targeted approach on these four different components and they are Product, Price, and Place & Promotion, where the chosen place is TESCO Malaysia which involves all the aspects. All the four variables help the firm in formulating strategic decisions necessary for competitive advantage. The main objective of this article is to describe the importance of relationship of various components of marketing mix for attaining competitive advantage in market. Marketing Mix comprises of Product marketing mix and Service marketing mix. Generally the Product marketing mix consists of product, price, place and promotion and it is generally used for marketing mix of tangible goods. However Service marketing mix is related to three different variables for example people, process and physical evidence. The marketing mix involves the decisions related to which the products will be made available at a particular price, may be different price will be charged for the same product as per different market, the marketing manager has to take into account the impact of different factors which are categorized under the 4 P‟s to decide marketing mix for a product.-retrieval purposes.

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