International sciences of Management Journal (ISMJ) investigates a variety of business and finance applications for competitive success in economic markets. ISMJ strengthen a deep appreciation for ethical norms in businesses. We are specifically interested in quality research papers, working papers and case studies from scholars, researchers and practitioners.We also welcome Masters and PHD level final thesis submission, from a discipline of business and administration, for publication.

We welcome submissions related to:

Micro and macro business practices in emerging markets
Domestic and International perspective of financial markets
Banking and financial markets
Behavioral finance
Best practices in business and finance
Methodologies and tools of business process design
Business case studies


However, Authors are also invited to submit their work on following topics:

  •     Islamic finance
  •     Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
  •     Monetary Policy
  •     Exchange Rates
  •     Macroeconomics
  •     Foreign Direct Investment
  •     Applied Macroeconomics
  •     International Finance
  •     Applied Econometrics
  •     Inflation Targeting
  •     Time Series Econometrics
  •     Applied Economics
  •     Econometric Modeling
  •     Economic Analysis
  •     Economic Forecasting
  •     Cointegration
  •     Growth Economics
  •     Forecasting
  •     International Economics
  •     Financial Economics
  •     Monetary Economics
  •     Fiscal Policy
  •     Econometric Analysis
  •     Stocks
  •     Sukuk
  •     Panel Data Econometrics
  •     Economy
  •     Economic Policy Analysis
  •     Economic Modeling
  •     Economic Development
  •     Fiscal Policy and Taxation
  •     Advanced Econometrics
  •     Economics Analysis
  •     Banking Sector
  •     Foreign Exchange
  •     Time Series Modeling
  •     European Union
  •     Financial Markets
  •     Markets
  •     Emerging Markets
  •     Finance
  •     Financial Econometrics
  •    E-government
  •    E-commerce
  •    M-learning