Image Compression Technique: Review

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Mohamed Yassin Abdelwahab Yassin


Image compression is the application of data compression on digital images.  The objective is to reduce redundancy of the image data in order to be able to store or transmit data in an efficient form. An image, in its original form, contains huge amount of data which demands not only large amount of memory requirements for its storage but also causes inconvenient transmission over limited bandwidth channel. So, one of the important factors for image storage or transmission over any communication media is image compression. Compression makes it possible for creating file sizes of manageable, storable and transmittable dimensions. Image compression reduces the data from the image in either lossless or lossy way. In lossless image compression retrieves the original image data completely, it provides very low compression. Here different lossless image compression techniques through which high compression ratio be achieved are discussed.

Keywords: Image, Image compression technique, Lossless and lossy image compression

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Digital Image Processing